Friday, March 13, 2009

Planer board mast

The reels of the planer board mast I made completely in my shop. I used glued up maple for the center of the reel and the ratchet. 1/4" plywood for the outsides. I made a circle cutting jig for the bandsaw to cut all the round pieces. I layed out the notches for the ratchet in AutoCad and traced them. I free handed the cuts for the notches.

The stops against the ratchet are also maple and pushed forward by die springs attached to the metal structure of the mast base. My buddy refers to this as the midevil torture device. You can really hear and feel the clicks as the ratchet goes past the stops and the stops snap back.

I built the reels oppposite hand so I can reel in both lines without any complexity of my hands going opposite directions. Of course the port side is orage dacron and the starboard is green (as close to red and green as I could find).

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